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Gully Buoy

By Kamayani Sharma
Rather than fantasies of global superstardom, the dreams and struggles of Khirkee 17 suggest other worthwhile possibilities: of communitarian resistance to market appropriation, of the intrinsic value of a creative life. It’s that spirit that infuses hip-hop and has caused their own lives to be stabilized and enriched, if less dramatically than some of their peers’.


Field Notes: Witnessing Workers’ Plight in Metropolitan Indian capital

By Dayem Mushtaq Wani & Mubashir Ahmad
After so much of hard labour that these men put in, they only manage to earn about 10 to 12 thousand a month. Of these 10 to 12 thousand that Devi Lal earns, he sends more than half of it to his family in Mahoba. The rest? He saves most of it and when the amount is substantial enough, he returns to his home for a break.

On Durga’s Migrant Trails

By Bhaswati Ghosh
I await the day when I would run into someone from Delhi at a North American puja pandal on dashami. I want to experience the kolakuli magic my grandfather did in his probaash all those years ago, in what is now mine.

Delhi: The City and the Abuse of Power

By Sadiq Zafar
During the early hours of the day, he reads and prepares himself for his post-graduate studies. At other times, he drives the auto rickshaw for his survival in Delhi. From whatever he earns, he has to pay off five hundred rupees to the owner of the vehicle.

In The Name of Heritage and Culture

By Sadiq Zafar
With crumbling and decaying sewage infrastructure, unchecked sewer outfalls and haphazard informal growth, violation of environmental norms and encroachment on the floodplain, Yamuna still struggles to find a place in the city’s imagination.

Delhi: This melancholic city

By Ishan Kukreti
Dear followers of Heraclitus, your city, doused in melancholy, is a dead museum of memories, surviving between living and dying, remembering the lonesome Pandavs, the experimenting Tughlaqs, the raids of Taimur, the songs of Sufis, the taste of freedom and the pillage for Gandhi.

My Gift

By Sutapa Basu
What had I done? Was it their hunger I had appeased or assuaged my guilt? Here I was, unthinkingly buying inessential food to mark just a festive occasion and there they were… starving for just a morsel!