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The Demonisation of the Muslim Subject: An Analysis of ‘Kesari’ as a Nationalistic Enterprise

By Shyaonti Talwar
“No Mamma,” said my son with an air of finality and infinite wisdom. “He is not Indian. He is Muslim. He is Pakistani. You don’t know.” And then he added with the same certainty and show of infinite wisdom as he sensed me doubting his statement, “All Muslims are Pakistanis.”


Teaching Animosity: A conversation with students of an RSS shakha

By Adil Bhat
The aggressive education campaign pursued by the RSS and its affiliates is essentially preparing these young children for a war against an unknown enemy – the Muslims. When I asked them if they had ever met a Muslim, the entire lot jumped to respond, “No!”

Locating Nationalism within a Larger Frame

By Ananya S Guha
Those at the helm of power must remember how the Indian nation came into being as a nation of diversities. Any effort to change the foundation of the nation and turn it into a mono-cultural, monolingual, and mono-religious religious entity would result in conflict and violence.