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China and India: The New Great Game Redefined

By Mir Sajad
Only time can tell whether India and China can live up to the high expectations among many that they will be rising for decades to come. If both giants were to become the leading actors in the “New Asian Drama” and help transform the region from the “poverty of nations” to the “wealth of nations”, then their rise will not only benefit themselves but also possibly spearhead a new Asian Renaissance.

Revisiting Darkness

By Ananya S Guha
By replacing the image of Gandhi as a direction to the Khadi board, the Prime Minister and the government have not only sullied the image of the charkha, but have introduced a symbolism which is an outright political and egomaniac agenda.

Nuclear Programme as Second Rate Science: The Case of India-Pakistan

By Rameez Raja
The animosity and bigotry against each other has prompted these countries to channelize their resources into wrong directions, particularly manufacturing of nukes in the name of ‘National Security’. Nuclear science was perceived by both states as the only way to convince their large populations about their achievements in the scientific world. But the majority of people in these countries happen to live below the poverty line.

‘The Mahabharata’ in Indian Folk Culture

By Tanya Jha
Karnakuttu, as the play is called in Tamil, is annually performed at temples in Tamil Nadu and in small metropolitan theatres around the country. The stories are usually picked from the Mahabharata and meddled with the elements of Tamil folk culture to bring it to the local audience.

Demonetisation and Technology

By Ananya S Guha
To educate the rural poor in technology, it is important to impart education, and make them literate in terms of numeracy. The ability to simply sign names is not literacy and certainly not education. Educational imperatives are first and foremost in a country which is not totally and comprehensibly literate.

Demonetisation: Black to White

By Ananya S Guha
People are dying, heart attacks, money attacks, income tax attacks. Some are committing suicides out of sheer anguish. Some do not have identity cards, or pan cards; they are used to stowing cash in their houses.

Four Poems

By Debarun Sarkar
Narendra–the adarsh balak–leaned forward with an eager hand
‘his Barrack’ has been replaced by ‘the Donald’. Donald Duck.

India and Israel – Bedfellows Indeed!

By Umar Lateef Misgar
Since India immensely values its international market image, lobbying businesses to divest from Indian economy, while highlighting the state abuses in Kashmir, will surely help in putting pressure on the country’s ruling elite to find a sustainable political solution to Kashmir’s long-pending dispute.