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Locating Nationalism within a Larger Frame

By Ananya S Guha
Those at the helm of power must remember how the Indian nation came into being as a nation of diversities. Any effort to change the foundation of the nation and turn it into a mono-cultural, monolingual, and mono-religious religious entity would result in conflict and violence.

Tolerant protest of Kerala Muslims against blasphemy

By Muhammad Ashraf & Abdul Hameed
Mathrubhumi never allowed a column or space for minority Mappila Muslims and their voices. And it had neither supported the Mappila uprising nor campaigned against the British suppression of the Mappila uprising, which was mainly staged by Muslims in the Malabar region in 1921.

Hindi Cinema and Feminism

By Neha Basnet
These ‘feminist women’ encourage and spread ideas that women can be liberated and will be considered equal only if they participate in every sphere of life that men have been part of.

Photo-Essay: Alone in the Blue Vikram

By Ronak Singh Bhasin
You get a good view through the agarbatti smoke haze. If you wonder why they burn agarbattis, it is to mask the smell of the ganja. Maal/weed smoke has a quite distinctive smell but mixed with incense smoke, even trained noses can’t differentiate it that easily.