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Bilkis Bano Case: Why Muslims should be against Minority-ism

By M Wadood Sajid
What makes Bilkis Bano case so important is the fact that among the dozens other cases relating to Gujarat Riots, this is the first one in which the court has not only punished and sentenced the investigating police officers but has also the doctors, who performed autopsy on the dead bodies of the riot victims.

As a ‘Muslim’, do I have to always react?

By Mosarrap H Khan
While I concur with the anger and anguish that these pieces convey, there is something that makes me uncomfortable with them, not least because of my own supposed ‘secular-liberal’ belief. What worries me is the authors’ unwillingness to turn a critical gaze to their own subject-position – their ‘Muslim’ identity – the ground from which they launch these critiques.

Media, Triple Talaq, and Muslim Women Achievers

By Kouser Fathima
The efforts on the part of Indian media to use the ITT to undermine the achievements of Muslim women are quite deplorable. This raises serious doubts in the minds of Muslim women that the actual intent of all activism associated with Triple Talaq is to brush aside their positive achievements.

Changing the Name of Deoband Will Not Have Any Impact on Darul-Uloom, Mr MLA

By Maulana Nadeem ul Wajidi
The unrivalled fame and popularity of Deoband is and should be a cause of pride for all of its residents but, unfortunately, there are some elements that do not like the fact that the town is recognised for its association with Islam and Muslims. They want to change its name and replace it with something that can take away its Islamic identity and thus help make it emerge on the world map as an ancient centre of Hinduism.

Milli Gazette and Its Misogyny

By Kouser Fathima
But sadly, the people at Milli Gazette are trying to push a regressive ideology, wherein the victim is blamed for her rape. In the name of honor, the portal seems to be indirectly justifying the act.

The Gazed and the Vulnerable

By Heba Ahmed
So this is what the ‘fun’ element of nationalism does – it instills a rabid hatred, an irresponsible prejudice towards complete strangers – whose virtual ‘identities’ can be compiled into a hate list, circulated on social media to evince a potent mix of voyeurism and witch-hunting.

Lack of Muslim Political Leadership in India

By Kouser Fathima
Global political changes and Islamphobia have made it easy for Muslims to be targeted and victimised. In India, the weakening of secular parties, and the consequent rise of the BJP, has put additional burden on Muslims. In this context, Indian Muslims need a strong leader like Kanshi Ram, who worked with Dalits to make them a strong political force.