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Two Poems

Painting: Aya El Fallah

By Prasanta Chakravarty

Mewa Monsters

mobike quivering marigold flags spanner baton trident spinning cartwheel trapeze high up sport in sport out garland saffron desh deshmukh deshant numbers belt out fealty woofers  testing one and two and hello testing mata pita and late night sita browsing hardcore grade IX dropouts porn dowsing dawning mayhem mewa monsters come and see such old monk supply flowing oozing spunk is driving swinging trolling pelting drohis left and centre down and under whatsapp signs of herding clusters here and there in fringes clearings waiting lurking smarting clusters anger pique and khaki partings, standard outings here yes now yes there goes master with his whatsapp mandate order sticks and chains and picket now to jump and gag and lash and thrive in farting frothing frisking drohis fixing drohis fixing drohis fixing drohis


Fiery Manacled Soul

have you walked in front of those eyes?
if you did
you won’t do again
in those a soul, a fiery hazard
manacled hands
bracelets shut
throwrug knees slammed
not hers
the sockets
her dearest one, a gurgling wad
askew in the anda-cell

Prasanta Chakravarty 
edits His new book, The Opulence of Existence, is just published from Three Essays Collective, New Delhi.


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