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A citizenry in denial

By Rev Immanuel Nehemiah
The political party leaders and business avengers are each other’s best friends, converging with the same sort in different countries and call such a farce needed business trips to improve the economy of the country. The BJP has done what Congress has left undone to the weak and the vulnerable in this country.

Sociology of coalition politics in India

By Shamsher Alam
Is coalition only about arithmetic or does it have some chemistry in its approach? If these questions can be answered by alliance politics, then such a politics can become the harbinger of social harmony and social justice, defeating communal and divisive forces.

Why is Rahul Gandhi, the dynast, failing to shore up the Congress?

By Mosarrap H Khan
Rahul Gandhi appears more as a curiosity factor, than a real impactful politician. Feudalism adds glamour and piques curiosity. But curiosity is not the same thing as impact. For someone to have real impact, identification matters, relatability matters. For all his megalomania, Narendra Modi is relatable to a large segment of India’s population, often young, technocratic Indians.

The Hindutva inferiority complex inflicts damage on the Hindu psyche

By M Ghazali Khan
However, if the readers are shocked at the claims made by the RSS ‘thinker’, they should then hold their breath. They should go through these masterpieces of research by the saffron historians:
Ancient Italy was a Hindu country and the Pope was a Hindu priest.
English is a dialect of Sanskrit.
Ancient England too was ‘a Hindu country.’
The term Christmas is actually Krishna-mas, i.e. the month of Krishna, the Hindu incarnation at the time of the Mahabharata era. The word “mas” in Sanskrit means “month”.

Will the ‘better’ survive in India?

By Ananya S Guha
We are now living under conditions, where might is right and anarchy is let loose anywhere in the name of religion, caste, politics or community. So, Dalits cannot sport a moustache and cows cannot be used for economic benefit or as cattle.

How to read the UP assembly election verdict?

By Sajjan Kumar
In the war of perceptions, the hollow abstract signifiers like ‘Achhe Din’, ‘Corruption Free Government’, ‘Decisive and Strong Image’ are deployed. Such signifiers are meticulously curated by the tireless work and combination of PR agencies, rhetoric, and polemics, which play on the aspiration-anxiety axis of the people by making the rivals responsible for all the ailments informing the electorates.