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The Fading Away of State Control in South Kashmir

By Muneeb Yousuf
There is a belief that the policemen are involved in various atrocities and civilian killings and such activities have made them the centre of this guerilla strategy. Moreover, it is also believed that the militants are in need of arms and the policemen become soft targets for weapon snatching.

Kashmir’s Unsung Heroes

By Faakirah Irfan
Women of Kashmir with all your strength, your valor, your pride, your magnificence, your patience, your resilience, you are the definition of what a woman is. You battered the mountains and crushed the rocks, with your blood, and with the granite of your courage, you built the entire city.

An Open Letter to Mehbooba Mufti

By Yasir Altaf Zargar
I saw you on a national media channel, where you were shedding crocodile tears. Did you want to convey the message the suppression of the people’s movement made you cry? Do you endorse the movement? In that case I would like to make you aware that you have killed 58 people so far.

Struggle and Conformity in Kashmir Valley

By Zaboor Ahmad
Corruption is often allowed to permeate in politically fragmented societies as it engenders vested interests while creating necessary centripetal force by helping to maintaining status quo. A system has been created over the decades based on client-patron relationship.

Islamic State and the Kashmir Question

By Aejaz Ahmad & Rafiq Wani
Apparently, ISIS is attempting to expand its industry to the areas in crisis where it feels it can manipulate the ‘Muslim nerve’ to rise in its favor. Kashmir is identified by them as one such area where it can garner its support.