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Sufi Islam: An interview with Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi

By Shafeeq Muhammed
The nefarious killing of Hazrat Ali, the 4th Caliph of Islam, by Ibn Muljim was the worst and foremost evidence of religious extremism. Sufism, which was strengthened by Hazrat Ali R.A., has always been an antidote to extremism. In the entire history of Islam, this spiritually inclined mainline Islamic path has been rescuing Muslims from all forms of extremist tendencies.

What’s Generating Terrorism in Muslim States?

By Zaboor Ahmad
Despite having a rich resource base and owning billion of dollars, the Middle Eastern countries have not yielded anything and are unable to transform it into power. Most of the Muslim societies have been unable to create representative and functional institutions based on egalitarianism and democratic values.

Can Moderate Muslims Defeat the Extremist Monsters?

By Kouser Fathima
Let’s make it clear that the Moderate Muslims can’t foresee the future and predict the next attack nor can they fly across the continents to save the world. Stop confusing them with the fictional superheroes. This is what happens if you are hooked to too much Hollywood.

Rendezvous with Kabir Khan

By Nadira Khan
I remembered my first rendezvous with the film stars during my childhood which I spent in a tiny town, surrounded by paddy fields and which had one concrete main road branching into muddy lanes. Living there the film world was beyond my reach.