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Kerala: Neglecting one’s past is a betrayal of identity

By Mujeeb Jaihoon
K. N. Kurup, one among the last stock of Kerala’s living eminent historians, expressed a similar view as he shared his pain over the neglect of Thuhfathul Mujahideen, the seminal historical work of Sheikh Zainuddin Makhdum, South India’s Sufi saint and philosopher of the 16th century, also known as the Thucydides of Kerala.

Terrorism, an orphan of Reformist Islam: Reflections from Kerala Muslim milieu

By M Abdul Fathah
An increase in the observance of Islamic customs as such need not expose firmness of identity politics or Islamism. They better derive legitimate space in Islam from the ethics formed among the observant of those customs. Evidently, pervasiveness of such practices under traditional Ulamas predates such practices within Salafi creed, without any repercussions, let alone terrorist tendencies.

Is the Indian ‘left’ very different from the ‘right’ in its dealing with marginal communities?

By Jaseem Tirur
The CPI (M) state machinery appears to be a mirror-image of the BJP, when it comes to dealing with Dalits and Muslims. Kerala’s silent support for its savarnas reinforces the state’s Islamophobia and anti-Dalit mentality, along dominant caste lines. But this can only be uncovered when we are ready to see what lies beneath the veneer of secularity and progressive politics of the leftists.

Thalangara: The Rainbow Land of God

By Muhammad Razi T Hudawi
More than a profession to earn money, Thalangarites had an obsession to weave the warp and woof of the cap, as though they were caressing a lovely child. Resting on a sit outside their home, pious men would sew their caps in tune with the rhythm of Malappattu.

Will the ‘better’ survive in India?

By Ananya S Guha
We are now living under conditions, where might is right and anarchy is let loose anywhere in the name of religion, caste, politics or community. So, Dalits cannot sport a moustache and cows cannot be used for economic benefit or as cattle.

The Burning Lamp of the Synagogue in Cochin

By Sadiq Zafar
Historically Cochin has witnessed many foreign invasions including Portuguese, Dutch, and British. And to experience this cultural confluence, tourists from across the globe flock to the city in large numbers. Meandering lanes bifurcate the waterfront leading to Mattancherry, a residential area on the fringes of Cochin.

Onam: Syncretic Festival of Kerala

By Latheef Abbas
In this Onam season, I make this plea to my Malayalee readers: Let us eschew divisive calls that harp on purity and exclusion, values that try to build borders and turn friends and neighbours into strangers.