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Tolerant protest of Kerala Muslims against blasphemy

By Muhammad Ashraf & Abdul Hameed
Mathrubhumi never allowed a column or space for minority Mappila Muslims and their voices. And it had neither supported the Mappila uprising nor campaigned against the British suppression of the Mappila uprising, which was mainly staged by Muslims in the Malabar region in 1921.

Four Poems

By Parasuraman
And the waves I see leaping and frothing noisily in front of me
Giving the noises of the mela a run for their moneys
Could actually be carrying a bit of Amma
(Not that there is much to carry, for salt water to drink)

Tanur’s Library of Rare Manuscripts

By Fazil Firoos P
The library in Tanur holds manuscripts and miscellaneous collections of various other books. Reliable and ample documents of vaqf are available even today that refer to the manuscripts of Imam Abu Ishaq Al-Shirazi’s book, Tanbih.

Two Poems

By Namitha Varma  My Grandfather is a King My grandfather is a King. In the dusk of aristocracy, he is a tottering monarch, a dimming light…

Book Review: Five Malayali Poets Champion Erotica

By Linda Ashok
This anthology is the best permutation of scientia sexualis and ars erotica; this anthology does help us measure that erotica is beyond casual pandering to commercial sex or an ordinary arousal, it is the arousal of craft, of language, of experiences, beyond the literal.