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An Open Letter to Mehbooba Mufti

By Yasir Altaf Zargar
I saw you on a national media channel, where you were shedding crocodile tears. Did you want to convey the message the suppression of the people’s movement made you cry? Do you endorse the movement? In that case I would like to make you aware that you have killed 58 people so far.

The Hypocrisy of Mehbooba and Her PDP

By Fasil Hussain Rather & Ameen Hussain Rather
The RSS-tuned-PDP no longer talks about human rights abuses at the hands of the Indian army, paramilitary, and the J&K police. It does not make demands for the revocation of black laws like the AFSPA, and punishment for the perpetrators, as its leaders used to while they were in the opposition.