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Sergei Eisenstein’s lost film ‘Que Viva Mexico’: A work of true revolutionary fervor!

By Vivaan Shah
Eisenstein’s lost film Que Viva Mexico leaps from the abstract to the lyrical and eventually to the downright dramatic. There are passages of pastoral beauty and evocations of rural life that blossom into the heart like sunflowers budding from a parched soul.

In the Heart of The Monster: Eight days in Mexico City (Part-II)

By Bhupinder Singh & Bhaswati Ghosh
I don’t feel like it’s a dead person’s house I’m visiting. Frida is alive and kicking, it seems, welcoming the crowd into her personal space, not shy to share her tears, convictions and even scandals with us in a way that feels honest and liberating at once.

Balancing yin and yang in Coyoacan

By Bhaswati Ghosh
The young man emerges from the kitchen with my tea. The bag of tea steeping in a cup of hot water is one I’m not familiar with but find refreshing, especially as I sip it with bites of the biscuit the ladies have shared with us – tasting exactly like Marie biscuits sold in India.

A decade of reading Latin America – II

By Bhupinder Singh
While I was still under the spell of the writers of the Boom era, a new generation of Latin American writers were ready with more contemporary and evocative works. Beginning in the 1970s, many novels confirm the view that post-Boom Latin American literature has moved beyond ‘magical realism’ and is being enriched by a galaxy of writers with very distinctive styles.

Joy, self-confidence, and trust: teenagers’ experiences in theater

By Ursula T. Estrada
El Telon’s pedagogy is based on the principles of respect, mutual trust, group spirit, and play – the main ingredient of all exercises. Every session is designed so that each exercise leads progressively into the next, developing each individual’s expressive abilities. As children get to know each other through play, an environment of trust is created among them.