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AFSPA: Life under a lawless law

By Basit farooq and Shariqa Naseer
Though the complete scrapping of the AFSPA is not possible, it is to be kept in mind that the violation of rights of citizens can be justified in no situation. The Act fails to meet the provisions of Indian constitution and also international standards. While India might be the largest democracy in the world, the scars of human rights violations make it very small in giving respect to democratic values.

What ails our perception of North East India?

By Ananya S Guha
A lot of discussion on North East India is focused around questions of politics, identity, society, and even literature. Seminars are held all over the country generating debate and polemics. Many of the seminars and conferences only result in producing books, which publishers from Delhi, eyeing the academic market, take advantage of.

Book Review: Sanjoy Hazarika’s ‘Strangers No More: New Narratives from India’s Northeast’

By Namrata Pathak
Strangers No More: New Narratives from India’s Northeast is a sequel to Sanjoy Hazarika’s polemical and densely packed, Strangers of the Mist, a book that is remarkably different on the ground that it projects the insider’s brush with the North-East of India, a patch of land that is enveloped in a mist, a hazy blanket of half-truths, impenetrable and insular.

Elections in North East India

By Ananya S Guha
What however does not augur well for the political future is setting up governments at any cost, although the introduction of terms like ‘facilitator’ have brought in a new idiom of political pragmatism. But hypothetically speaking, if there is a change in the center in the next Parliament elections, will the situation be more fluid? Will ‘horse trading’ come back full circle?