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Chapter 11: Intrigue

Nilanjana Dey
Freya was waiting for Diana outside the Queen’s mansion. Diana parked D’s Torrent in the Queen’s guest parking zone and joined Freya to meet Prom.

Chapter 10: Feelers

By Nilanjana Dey
Apollo was looking closely at the piece of wood and wondering how the design could be replicated there. Diana observed Apollo and understood his concern.

Chapter 8: Penalties

By Nilanjana Dey
There was complete mayhem inside ‘The Den’. One of the strand connections had become loose. Loki’s assistant Edda had put all the helper white ants to get them fixed since the ringers had gone missing.

Chapter 7: Googly

By Nilanjana Dey
Tizz was again decorated for welcoming Prom. Loki personally stood at the entry to welcome him. Skathi, Njord, and Apollo accompanied him. Prom limped his way in along with another colleague. His right mid-leg was covered with a black bandage.

Chapter 6: Whizzy Ants

By Nilanjana Dey
Tizz was beaming on the day of the event. White ants from different colonies had participated in this much awaited annual event. ‘Whizzy Ants’ would conclude their race at Tizz. The whole colony of white ants had gathered to cheer for their winners as most of them were sure that the troll ants would win the race.

Chapter 5: Tidings

By Nilanjana Dey
The Q-Minions’ Vice Captain made a visit to Tizz. Loki had decorated the whole colony to welcome him. He personally stood at the entry to receive the Vice Captain. Skathi and Njord were standing along with him with presents to be handed over to the Q-Minions and the Queen.

Chapter 4: D-Day

By Nilanjana Dey
Diana and Apollo packed all their designs and walked up to the table. They then neatly arranged the packets. Apollo noticed that Diana had pulled out the packet titled, The Outcasts. She placed it on the table as Apollo looked around to check on Loki. He had already left the room.

Chapter 3: Game Plan

By Nilanjana Dey
Diana and Apollo were waiting eagerly at ‘The Den’ for the brief. Apollo noticed Loki’s strand-connection. The strands did look like limbs of white ants. Diana kept tapping her feet on the ground and spared occasional glances at the door expecting Loki.

Chapter 2: Loki’s Den

By Nilanjana Dey
Diana and Apollo looked around the dusky lanes as they tried to figure their way in. The entry had four doors and all looked the same. They were wondering which route to take.