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Fear and Image: The phenomenology of photography

By Anwar Haneefa
Until 1969, the French philosopher Jacques Derrida did not let himself to be photographed and was very strict with the distribution of his images. Why did such a reputed philosopher like Derrida, in the then global academic and intellectual sphere, have such an uncompromising attitude towards photography? Was this strictness a part of his whole comprehensive universal critical project of ‘Deconstruction’, a critique to ‘constructed image’ and ‘fixed identity’?

Photo-Essay: Trees

By Nilanjan Ray
Everything in this world is fleeting. People, events, and problems come and go. We get caught up in the small problems of our daily life. Yet, it is helpful to retain a sense of perspective. Empires have risen and fallen. New nations have emerged out of the ruins of the old. In this world, sometimes falsehood triumphs for a period of time, but every tyrant has eventually fallen. The trees remain constant, in this fleeting life.

Photography: Lunatic Clicks

By Vishal Thomas
After finishing my school, I took a year off and assisted Mr. Anil Kumar. I learned photography from him more thoroughly and, also, understood the commercial world of photography. I was very lucky to be able to learn photography from such a great photographer. He introduced me to lighting.

Photography: Rural Bengal

By Sahidul Haque
I came to realize that beauty is everywhere but I had not the eye to see, recognize, and discover her. I felt the need to train my eye. I studied books and pictures carefully. Gradually, there was an awakening of visual sense, or, more precisely, photographic sense, within me.