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Photo-Essay: Bench Love

By Shruthi Rao
I’ve tried to ascertain why I love benches so much. It could be, perhaps, due to its very nature and purpose. Because they call out to you. To pause. To snack. Enjoy the shade. Read a book. Take in the view. Watch the world go by. Sit in quiet contemplation. Or enjoy a conversation.

Photo-Essay: Tel Aviv Diary – I

By Mary Ann Chacko
The roads were lined with bright-colored flowering bushes including the bougainvillea, petunias, hibiscus, and varied trees such as the palm, olive, cypress bosh, and eucalyptus. I had not expected to find so much greenery in Tel Aviv. I later learnt that Tel Aviv was very systematically and painstakingly ‘greened.’

Photo-Essay: Alone in the Blue Vikram

By Ronak Singh Bhasin
You get a good view through the agarbatti smoke haze. If you wonder why they burn agarbattis, it is to mask the smell of the ganja. Maal/weed smoke has a quite distinctive smell but mixed with incense smoke, even trained noses can’t differentiate it that easily.