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No Future? Urdu in Contemporary India

By Rahman Abbas
Abhishek Shukla, Vipul Kumar, Vikas Sharma Raz, Pradeep Sarkash, Tripurari Kumar are the ones who are now known as young talented Urdu poets, and they have proved that the politics of hate is not relevant anymore. They have learnt the Urdu script and proved that Hindustani can be acknowledged and expressed in two scripts.

Rahman Abbas’ ‘Rohzin’: First Urdu novel to be discussed in Germany

Rahman Abbas has been invited to undertake a month-long literary tour starting from 23 May to 15 June, and during this time he will take part in the reading sessions organised in various cities and meet his German readers. The tour is sponsored by Draupadi Verlag, Akademie Villigst, and Indisches Kulturinstitue e.V (The Indian Cultural Institute)

How author and critic Gopi Chand Narang survived a maligning campaign

By Rahman Abbas
It is unfortunate that Narang was targeted by a gang of sectarian and biased literary scribes. It seems Narang was hated for his religious and cultural identity. A malicious campaign was run by a few settled in the Western countries to appease the camp which was against Narang in India on the ground of having a different outlook, a different perspective on literary leitmotif and theories.

The inhuman politics of hate and rape

By Rahman Abbas
The surge in anger is not just because of the unimaginable cruelty inflicted on eight-year-old Asifa, but owing to the defense of the rapists by elected leaders of the BJP in UP and Jammu. What adds to the shame is the shameless mobilization of men and women and lawyers in the name of religion by the supporters of the rapists, i.e., the BJP leaders.

Infinite Contestation

By Saitya Brata Das
Writing and creating works of art or pursuing truth in philosophy, all these fragile things that they do – fragile because they don’t have forces at their disposal – this fragility is excessive: they overflow, like a surplus, the entire forceful and powerful realm of politics.