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“Why Love matters for Justice”

By Urba Malik
The very idea of loving beyond the traditionally set parameters of caste, religion, class or color is liberating, not humiliating for us. In fact, what is humiliating is the idea of constraining one’s emotions under the garb of societal honor; what is insulting is the exercise of societal control over someone’s choice.


Thoughts on Sikh Genocide in 1984

By Faiq Faizan
It would have been easier for the Sikhs to decide that only their community will be served Langar in the Gurudwaras. But they chose otherwise. Even today the gates are open to everyone.

Language as a medium of cosmopolitanism and global citizenship

By Muhammed Aslam
The intellectual and philosophical traditions of India have been recorded in a number of Arabic texts, which depict the cultural legacy and heritage of the Indians. Brahmagupta’s pioneering Sanskrit treatise on astronomy, which had first been translated into Arabic in the 8th century, also demonstrates this legacy of intercultural exchange.

Two Poems

By Yash Pandit
Babri – Muzaffarnagar – Godhra – Dadri,
The quarrel of colours has bled here too, in my city.
Saffron cuts green; Green slices saffron.
But humans mostly bleed red, in my city.

An interview with Professor Ian Markham

By Muhammad Ashraf Thachara Padikkal
I mean, I really do believe that there is a God; I do believe that it is appropriate to pray to God and I really do believe that the God has revealed to humanity an ethic that calls on us to live justly with a neighbor.

A Short Film on Communalism and Manto

By Cafe Dissensus
I could see that Shyam was deeply moved. I could well understand what was passing through his mind. When we left, I said to him: ‘I am a Muslim. Don’t you want to kill me?’ ‘Not now,’ he replied gravely, ‘but while I was listening to them and learning of the atrocities committed by the Muslims, I could have killed you.’

When Religion Encroaches

By Riti Das Dhankar
One of the things that remained unchanged in Jaipur was a small shop in one of the markets. When we speak of the landmarks in a city, we refer to those places which have been there for at least half a century or more. The shop I am referring to is a butchery.

My Encounter with Religion

By Riti Das Dhankar
Since I was a philosophy student, I was forced to read about Buddhism, about Charvak, and about various other theories of human existence. Slowly, I started enjoying them; I particularly enjoyed and loved reading the philosophy of Charvak. He made the age old superstitious practices look ridiculously silly. Without giving offense, his arguments stated meaningful and obvious facts logically.