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Art in contemporary times

By Rekha Revathy
A tone of superficiality has pervaded present-day visual arts, which remain attractive just on the surface. The capacity of art work to create a sense of solidarity and resistance has reduced to a great extent. Due to abundance of artistic creations and their availability to the public on the online space, the social purpose of art has become banal and diluted.

Music in Conflict Areas: Protest Rap in Kashmir and Palestine

By Najrin Islam
In the music video titled Like a Sufi, MC Kash draws on traditional iconographic images of Kashmir (evoked by the staple metonyms of the Dal Lake and picturesque snow-covered mountains, for instance) to counter them with the lived reality of its constituent people, which is revealed in the content of his lyrics.

Where do Santa and Banta reside?

By Sanjay Kumar
Santa and Banta exist whenever and wherever we suspend our sense of judgement, let gullibility take over, laugh hoarse for no reason, grin like idiots from ear to ear, trust an alien with his secrets and intentions, allow ourselves to be made fun of and have self-deprecation in generous measure. 

Rest in Peace, Gauri Lankesh

By Santosh Bakaya
But nay, truth never succumbs, no matter what. 
Its fire cannot be doused by any gunshot.  
It will rise, and rise from the ashes 
Branding a comatose humanity with the power of whiplashes. 

Two Poems on Kashmir

By Faakirah Irfan
Until they take down your voice
Gas light your memory
Make battlefields out of your universities
Make martyrs out of toddlers
The occupiers won’t stop.

Meryl Streep shows how artists can restore sanity in a divided world

By Murtaza Ali Khan
But no one has been more vocal in the protest against Trump than Hollywood. Anti-Trump rallies have been helmed by the likes of Robert De Niro, Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Julianne Moore, and Mark Ruffalo. But, perhaps, none of them has managed to get the kind of attention that Meryl Streep’s recent speech at the 74th Golden Globes garnered during which she unleashed a scathing tirade against Donald Trump without ever mentioning his name.