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From Greece to India: Can multiple Languages foster clarity of thoughts?

By Karine Leno Ancellin
I preferred Mumbai over Delhi, or Kolkata where most writers lived because of its vibrancy and its artistry with language and its highly multicultural melting pot, as the ‘Gateway to India’ Mumbai welcomed foreigners from far and large in the state of Maharashtra, on the Western coast of the continent. Mumbai was like Manhattan in many ways, a threshold city that never sleeps, home of the Bollywood Industry.


Two Poems

By Ananya Guha
but when you do ( arrive)
my tonsured head will 
be a prayer in hope, living, 
giving, while the sea waves 
continue to roar, in a brief 
schism of my heart. 

Oxfam inequality report: A wake-up call for leaders

By Umar Aman
A one percent wealth tax will be enough to educate 262 million out of school children and to save 3.3 million lives. Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder, is the wealthiest man on earth with a $112 billion fortune. Oxfam estimates that only one percent of his total wealth is roughly equivalent to the health budget of Ethiopia, a country with a population of 105 million people.

Blasphemy: Pakistan’s struggle for Decoloniality

By Adil Bhat
While the acquittal of Asia Bibi is a reason to rejoice, the bigger victory lies in the reconstitution of oppressive colonial structures and the eventual repealing of the blasphemy law. Clearly, a colonial inheritance, blasphemy in Pakistan is equally Islamised. Asia Bibi’s case is a window to the clash within – between the liberals and the zealots.

Brexit uncovers the central tension in representative democracy

By Raghu Vinayak Sinha
The inability of the British Parliament to agree on a set of terms to break away from the European Union reveals a deep tension that a direct democratic action brought to a stable representative government. The issue is that the referendum only asks a narrow question to the public with no space for any nuanced understanding of the reasons behind the position that the voter takes.

Sunday Morning Shows

By Nishi Pulugurtha
In the 60s, Hari Pulugurtha had made several trips to Calcutta from Bhubhaneswar where he worked as secretary to the geneticist J.B.S. Haldane. After Haldane’s death, when my father had to relocate he chose Calcutta. The city he always said appealed to him and one which for him and for us has always been home.

Pierre Gill: The Canadian Cinematographer

By Murtaza Ali Khan
At the 49th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), the most informative and comprehensive masterclass was delivered by noted Canadian cinematographer Pierre Gill who is known for his work on films like Blade Runner 2049, Arrival, Polytechnique, Outlander, and Casanova. The masterclass was aptly titled “Poetry in Motion”. Pierre Gill, who has twice won the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Award, is equally active in film as well as television.

Art in contemporary times

By Rekha Revathy
A tone of superficiality has pervaded present-day visual arts, which remain attractive just on the surface. The capacity of art work to create a sense of solidarity and resistance has reduced to a great extent. Due to abundance of artistic creations and their availability to the public on the online space, the social purpose of art has become banal and diluted.

AFSPA: Life under a lawless law

By Basit farooq and Shariqa Naseer
Though the complete scrapping of the AFSPA is not possible, it is to be kept in mind that the violation of rights of citizens can be justified in no situation. The Act fails to meet the provisions of Indian constitution and also international standards. While India might be the largest democracy in the world, the scars of human rights violations make it very small in giving respect to democratic values.

Decoding ‘Zero’: From Disability Studies Perspectives

By Santosh Kumar
Bauaa Singh’s selection for the Mars mission treats him as an object for the experiment given the fact that there was no certainty to coming back safe to the Earth. The short stature and academic credentials of Bauaa Singh is nullified with his level of endurance. It is disturbing to note that Bauaa Singh becomes a substitute for chimpanzee because of the filmmakers’ want of heroism.