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Kashmir: A Letter to my Mother

By Inamul Haq
A ‘state of exception’ is a lawless void, in which the state authorities act in extreme situations with the force of law. The force of law makes law and life indistinguishable.


Dog menace is real: Time to acknowledge the problem

By Aarti Mangal
According to one of the reports of 2016, more people are killed in India due to dog attacks than the terror attack. Civic authorities in Mumbai made a claim that more people are killed in Mumbai of dog bite than the two terror attacks – 1993 serial blasts and 26/11 attack in 2008 – in the city.

Representation of Women in Video Games: Questions on Social Control

By Shubrojyoti Mookherjee
It is mostly suggested through games like GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and the like, that girls are expected to be dependent victims and that their only concern is to maintain beauty and sexual appeal. On the other hand, boys may understand their role to be a protector of women, as they are apparently inherently stronger and powerful.

Marriage, Law and Bollywood Songs

By Devangana Kuthari
When such a similar model of women’s place in a marriage and society is found to exist in criminal or family law, it often goes unnoticed as it has already been normalised in society through popular culture. Law is nothing but an extension of the society we live in. If a problem exists in society, it is more than often echoed in the laws and legal understanding of the judges.

‘Field Notes’: The Noise Within

By Neha Basnet
His life-history was filled with stories of people abusing and exploiting him and somehow making him feel that he was not worthy. As a researcher I felt helpless and hopeless at this point. Would my research make his life better in any way? Would it be able to reverse the time and make things right for this kid?

That best friend

By Rimli Bhattacharya
I felt betrayed. I felt cheated. I shed bitter tears. But something in me had changed. I could no longer make close friends. In high school, in the college and in the university, I met new people but I would maintain a distance.

‘Super 30’: A Case for Hindi

By Monica Bhattacharya
Although Super 30 is ‘protest art’ in its own right combating the evils of class hierarchy, it engenders a new form of linguistic subjugation that sparks the long-standing debate on the monopoly of Hindi.

How I conquered myself

By Ankan Hore
I invested more time in myself. I kept grinding – trying to be more composed and complacent every day, rather, every hour. I realized that the lesser I consumed external opinions, the deeper I could dive in myself. I stopped paying heed to unwanted suggestions, which seemed quite irrelevant or which could harm my inner harmony.

Film Review: The Piano (1993)

By Aastha Joshi
The Piano is a movie everyone has been talking about ever since it was first played at Cannes where it won the Palme d’Or. It is one of those exceptional movies that is not just about a story, or some roles, but about a whole cosmos of feeling.