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Four Poems

By Ananya S Guha
We watch you sinking –
soon you will be a land
submerged; a
Lost civilisation, Atlantis,
killed, wiped by slow poison.

Poem: Pelting Stones

By Sutapa Basu
‘Pelting stones is a lark,’ says Javed,
Stretching out his prosthetic leg on a thin carpet,
As thin as the veneer of promises made to Kashmir
By smiling Buddhas in a faraway city.

The Fading Away of State Control in South Kashmir

By Muneeb Yousuf
There is a belief that the policemen are involved in various atrocities and civilian killings and such activities have made them the centre of this guerilla strategy. Moreover, it is also believed that the militants are in need of arms and the policemen become soft targets for weapon snatching.


By Goirick Brahmachari
We bond a little
Through our unbranded clothes,
Exchanging smiles
As she plays with her hair,
Expecting breeze.

Amma, Alzheimer’s, and Medicines

By Nishi Pulugurtha
A person with Alzheimer’s will slowly withdraw from family and society. Bodily functions are lost over a period of time, including the fact that they forget to eat and swallow. The rate of progression of the disease and the degeneration vary from person to person.

Book Review: Torsa Ghosal’s ‘Open Couplets’

By Sourya Chowdhury
Ghosal’s novel uses the quest motif as a catalyst. The main plot revolves around ethnographer Ira Chatterjee embarking on parallel journeys to locate two very different artists. However, it is difficult to sum up a work that relies so heavily on the reader’s participation; the text is ingrained in a postmodern universe where meaning is always contingent and protean.