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Poem: Some direct talk, if you will

By Goirick Brahmachari
That many of them drove me away
When I tried to be a socialist
For I was not from JU or JNU or NYU.


‘Harlan County, USA’: A powerful and landmark documentary about miners’ woes

By Arun Kumar
Harlan County, USA isn’t afflicted with the liberal guilt that seems to be problem with many sentimental, issue-driven documentaries of contemporary era. Kopple’s Harlan County and her other masterpiece American Dream (1990) were made with deep understanding of workers’ life.

Sam Peckinpah’s ‘Pat Garett and Billy the Kid’: The times maybe a changin’, but not me…

By Vivaan Shah
The images from Sam Peckinpah’s films seem to bubble and swell out of the filmmaker’s subconscious – what Freud called ‘the dream state’. Time and again he abandons chronological continuity and traditional film grammar in favour of the figurative. He has non-linear sequences instead of non-linear narratives, and deconstructs the very medium of cinema itself in an aggressively proto-Godardian fashion.

A Quranic perspective on technological advancements

By Fathah Abdussalam Kodag
By mentioning the miracles of the Prophets, the Quran shows the ultimate goal of scientific and technological developments, and specifies their final aims. It urges man forward toward those aims. Just as the past is the field for the seeds of the future, and mirror to its potential picture, the future is the time to reap the harvest of the past life and mirror to the actual situation.

Art Work: Mob Pleasure

By Jyotsna Dwivedi
It is at 4 am in the morning every other day now,
When the mob birds, mob cows, mob men and women roam on this land.
Those birds sit on bloody bodies, bathe in their blood, feel giddy with excitement and erection.

Book Review: Sumana Roy’s ‘Missing’

By Suranjana Choudhury
The beauty of her narration lies not in unnecessary elaboration. The details are necessary because through the exterior Roy tells us about the interior worlds of characters. The action is as much internal as it is external. Readers will appreciate that this simultaneity serves to introduce an interesting order to a series of thoughts and experiences.