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Book Review: Abdullah Khan’s ‘Patna Blues’

By Arifa Yesmin
Muslim culture, which is assumed to be more rigid on sexual promiscuity, can never approve of Arif’s clandestine relation with Sumitra. Arif’s looming fear becomes a threat to his love for the woman. This timely story also reflects on the ongoing communal struggle in the country.


The Future of Ahmadis in ‘Naya’ Pakistan

By Rameez Raja
The AMC denounces an armed Jihad which most of the Islamists believe in. The founder of the AMC, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad primarily believed in ‘Jihad by pen’ and urged his followers to use the medium of pen in order to spread Ahmadiyyat peacefully all over the world.

Why Wikipedia

By Amol Ranjan
It’s very clear that just as it does in academia in India, English language dominates the production and the consumption of knowledge on Wikipedia as well. But unlike academia, Wikipedia is meant to be an open and crowd source platform where anybody can make a contribution to the public knowledge of this ever-growing online encyclopedia.

Three Poems

By Jagari Mukherjee
I fell for you as if
your love was a diary
found in a thrift store –
the thin pages translucent
stained with coffee.

Who was Genghis Khan, the Man?

By Sutapa Basu
High status and advancement conferred with noble birth was the social structure not only in Mongolia but in all countries across the world. Genghis Khan overturned this system by giving opportunities to everyone based solely on merit.