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Indian Hospitality: Time to look beyond the humanitarian aspect

By Hemaadri Singh Rana
Governments have changed, their manifestos have changed, but the essence of every government has remained the same. No matter if you are a citizen, denizen, refugee or a migrant, your sufferings are measured and thereby justified using the scale determining state’s interests.


Thoughts, words, memories: ‘Mayurakshi’ and dementia

By Nishi Pulugurtha
In what could be a wonderful film that talks about dementia, the problems associated with it, and the troubles that concern a caregiver, Mayurakshi misses the mark. It misses it not in the portrayal of someone in whom dementia is slowly setting it or in the depiction of the changes that become apparent in the person or in the way people around him react to it or in the way people try to find ways and means of dealing with it. It misses the mark in that it does not refer with greater emphasis to the condition clearly and categorically.

Poem: Reference

By Gaurav J. Pathania
But in the academic world
A reference is your existence
which is endangered
If you are not referred to.
Where else does one live
But in citations?

Three Poems

By Shobhana Kumar
Today, I learn that growing old
is not always graceful,
that the shrivelling will get me,
and no sunshine, water or love
can withhold the withering.

CBSE question paper leaks? This is certainly not the end of the world

By Rimli Bhattacharya
In the Indian context, parents too act like a pressure cooker without a safety valve. Apparently they are the ones, who cause more tension to their children. The parents must realize that it is not the end of the world. In fact, the parents must tell their children that re-examination is no big deal. It is just another brushing up of the texts, which the child has already prepared before the exams.

Cricket: Tampered Tragedy

By Amol Ranjan
What could only be gained from the ongoing proceedings is that everyone needs to save its a** and move on in this global televised game. In the Cape Town incident, Australian players couldn’t, so nation Australia had to. A nation has to surely win, even if their players can’t.

Book Review: Amitav Ghosh’s ‘Countdown’

By Lalima Chakraverty
Countdown is a critique of the Indian nuclear programme. The author’s aim is to understand and evaluate the image of a modern man dealing with an anti-human weapons system and anti-civilization nuclear armaments. The book assesses the current economic development of the country carried forward by war machines.

The Hindutva inferiority complex inflicts damage on the Hindu psyche

By M Ghazali Khan
However, if the readers are shocked at the claims made by the RSS ‘thinker’, they should then hold their breath. They should go through these masterpieces of research by the saffron historians:
Ancient Italy was a Hindu country and the Pope was a Hindu priest.
English is a dialect of Sanskrit.
Ancient England too was ‘a Hindu country.’
The term Christmas is actually Krishna-mas, i.e. the month of Krishna, the Hindu incarnation at the time of the Mahabharata era. The word “mas” in Sanskrit means “month”.

Book Essay: Literary and Religious Practices in Medieval and Early Modern India

By Raziuddin Aquil and David L. Curley
The essays in our co-edited volume, Literary and Religious Practices in Medieval and Early Modern India, deal with the composition and reception of symbolic representations, and with social practices in literature and religion. In them, we have many opportunities to think about writing practices and literary genres in relation to religious boundaries and identities – whether multiple, dual or exclusive.