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Trolls – Devil in ambiguity

By J Aslam Basha
It is only natural that minorities of all hues become anxious, especially when their voices are stifled by calls for adhering to a homogenous view propounded by the ruling BJP, which has long advocated the cause of Hindi, Hindu, Hindustani.

The anonymity of #NotInMyName is laudable

By Ananya S Guha
The ‘Not In My Name’ protest must be seen as an attempt to transcend barriers of caste, religion or race. If the teeming millions of India can come together without a name, then there is a possibility that the monolithic India will give way to that of quintessence.

Shamsher Bahadur Singh: A Poet Stirs

By Akash Bharadwaj
In Shamsher’s poetry, words travel a long distance and take over boundaries, disciplines, and schools. He advocates for a language that has blood of both Hindi and Urdu. He asks the god if he can pray in Arabic and will that make him angry?

Two Poems

By Sunil Sharma
These modern pieces of architecture and design sold in glossy ads to the aspiring middle class
The looming towers, defiant and rude, piercing a jagged skyline, already crowded,
Grim symbols of their estranged labour.

Kashmir Conflict: A Game of Thorns

By Mir Suheel Rasool
This historical vexation of Kashmiris is always met by the state’s barbaric acts and forces. India always keeps its masses ignorant about Kashmir, whose struggle for a political solution remains bewildering till another cycle of protests and killings return.

Short Story: A Fractured Reader

By Apoorva Saini
Although in this big universe small things like these have stopped mattering to people, I fear if you do not hurry, Sudhama Kumar will be dead by the time you finish reading this letter. I just thought, by writing to you I might reach somebody who is ‘kind of nice’ and might want to help a dying man.