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Two Poems

By Usha Pisharody 


Poetry. Such tremulous
Sheer evocative tingling poetry
Comes to me
Inside closed eyes,
Etchings on the inner lid,
Trailing out of fingertips
Itching to be written.

The self is but a conduit;
The source is not within
But in the gossamer threads
That weave themselves into
Pretty magical winged words.
I know it’s useless to
Capture them on paper,
Onto a screen here.

They’re there, those poems,
They come to me, under closed lids.
They tease, they prod, they entice.

And not one offers itself
After the foreplay.
Such teases.

But, oh my!
Those lines that direct themselves
Into such images and metaphors
Have left their searing touch
Under my skin…
Only to disappear, when eyes open.

Oh my!
No matter how I court them,
They shall never be mine.

Distinct, they hide.
For fear of being defined
And rent by meaning, perhaps.

Shall I then, let them be


The Book

Cover to cover
It shall be packed

Words (duh) –
Written on pages
Layered from the
Sloughing of memories;
Neatly stacked
Trimmed for good measure
To shape well
What will be shared.

I found most exacerbating –
The unctuous, eager ones
To be those I so did not want
To write.

The ones that
(Try as I might)
I could not drop into

That day I did not want to fall in love
But I did.
That time when indifference singed
That quiet moment, when the world stilled.

They impinge. Demand. Push. Worry.
Till I get them down, in words,
Where they preen for prying eyes…
Each emotion on display
Lapped and leeched by
The eyes that prey.

It’s done now.
Even though I wish I hadn’t.

But then the choice was this:

The Book.


Usha Pisharody has been a high school teacher for almost twenty years. She finds it fulfilling to be with the learner group and keeping pace with them a challenge; learning from them of life and free-spiritedness are the perks of being a “teacher”. She loves reading, blogging, going on long drives with her dog. Her article on archetypes in an exam hall was published in The Hindu, on 8 March. She blogs at: Twitter: @ushustweets

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6 Responses to “Two Poems”

  1. Usha Pisharody

    Reblogged this on A Quest on Overdrive … 🙂 and commented:
    Woohooo! I cannot help but hoot in joy! This is a first for the eccentric rambler, who randomly runs away with the words burgeoning, and wonders how they wove themselves so 🙂 , to have her verse published online 🙂 Thank you Cafe Dissensus for accepting and publishing these in your blogl! Phew! So there we are!!!

    • shail

      Well done, Usha. So beautiful. I was nodding away reading the first one. the second one lingers long after it has been read. Kudos.

      • Usha Pisharody

        Thank you dear Shail! I had quite forgotten about this submission, and today, while going through some of the writes, I remembered, finally, yet again. I find this unattended comment that you had graciously left behind. Thank you once again! 🙂

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