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An Appeal: Help Aseem Asha Foundation in organizing Tagore Utsav, 2016

By Cafe Dissensus

This is an appeal to all our readers to contribute in any way possible to Aseem Asha Foundation. The foundation is based in Delhi and works among under privileged children. The foundation organizes its annual festival, which is named after Rabindranath Tagore.

This year the Tagore Utsav will be held on 7, 8, 9 May, 2016. The dynamic founder of the foundation, Mr. Aseem Asha, is keenly looking for help from contributors. If you are able to help financially or you know someone who would be able to contribute, please pass the message along.

For Tagore Utsav, 2016, Aseem Asha Foundation has managed to convince Jamia Milia University to use their space. However, they are still looking for financial help to meet all the expenses.

Writing about the spirit behind the Tagore Utsav, Mr. Asha wrote in 2015: “Flying Birds of India, a permanent programme of Aseem ASHA Foundation, New Delhi, India, wishes to share the noble work of such a great poet as Tagore with as many students as possible since many children only learn what is available through their textbooks. Few of them have the opportunity to come across people who would encourage them to read on such wonderful personalities as Tagore. This indeed is the hopeful spirit behind our Annual Tagore Utsav, dedicated to a true guru who established his school, Santiniketan, with the motto ‘Yatra visvam bhavatieka nidam’, which means, “Where the whole world meets in a single nest.” (Read the complete essay here.)

Also read author Joyce Yarrow’s interview with Mr. Asha here.

Here are a couple of reports of the previous Tagore Utsavs: Report 1; Report 2.

If you would like to help Mr. Asha, please get in touch with him directly:
Mobile numbers: 08459404088/09891426802
Whatsapp: 08826646818

Check out the following videos to know more about the foundation’s work and also to know about previous Tagore Utsavs.

Your help/contribution will immensely help some of the underprivileged children in Delhi.

Final Tentative Schedule 5th Tagore Utsav, 2016

An interview with Mr. Aseem Asha

Tagore Utsav 2012

Tagore Utsav 2013

Tagore Utsav 2014

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