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Three poems on Kashmir

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By Junaid Ashraf 


There is a soldier
on the street
that tells me
what to do
what not to do.
A soldier
here in my head
that tells me
what to think
what not to think.
A soldier here
in my heart
that tells me
what to believe
what not to believe in.
A soldier
that is evil.
A soldier
that exploits.
A soldier
that commands.
A  soldier
that is like a superstition
and demanding
unquestioning obedience.
A soldier called… occupation!


Blood Seasons

They have
spring season.
And summer.
And autumn.
And winter.
Oppressed nations
have one more.
Blood seasons!


Collective conscience

Your collective conscience
is a dead man
in darkness
to kill
blinded by lies
drowned in guilt.
Your collective conscience
floats like silent breeze
that gives life
to the dead blind souls
everywhere, beneath the skies.
Whom we wish to call
and scream at,
with our silent streets.
For whom we
make our youth
sacrificial lambs
at the altar of democracy
and want to awaken it
like polytheists
would sacrifice
to awaken the gods.

Junaid Ashraf is a student from Kashmir. He has completed his masters in economics and currently pursuing masters in English literature. He has contributed opinion pieces to various newspapers and literary magazines.


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3 Responses to “Three poems on Kashmir”

  1. Salim Muhammed

    Really reveals the real thoughts of each and every Kashmiris

  2. Muhammed Sibili C

    very simple and easy to grasp.. heart touching lines ..


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