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Poem: I feel harassed by dust, bacteria and shit to name a few

By Auxiliary Random Access Memory

I feel harassed by the  sunlight
I feel harassed by the  moonlight
I feel harassed by the  wind

I feel harassed by your sweat
I feel harassed by my sweat
I feel harassed by the pores on the bodies
I feel harassed by your breath
I feel harassed by        you
the dog
the cat
the cow
the rat
the mosquitos
the insects
the virus
the bacterias

I feel harassed by the noise
of your music
of your fucking
of your talking on the phone
of your silence

“I feel harassed by your Zara dress, your FabIndia saree, kurtas, clothes you bought after seeing Instagram models, sneakers which cost more than my computer. I feel harassed as you walk around in metros and shopping malls, in Sarojini and Commercial Street. A walking artifact – indifferent, impartial, self-righteous. I feel harassed by your pulsars and bullets. I feel harassed by the money in the bank accounts. I feel harassed by all politics. I feel harassed by all violence. I feel harassed by all politicians asking for votes, advertisements controlling and directing my desires. I feel harassed by the news, by the movies, on your smartphone in the local train, by the posters of soft-porn in movie theatres, by music talking about sex and desire. I am harassed by the almost naked men and women on billboards but I think I’m fine when its done for body positivism. I’m harassed everyday by your phone calls, emails and text messages. Once a beggar had tried to touch me, whose harassment do I speak of here? Once a guy in an auto had his pant zippers open. He had an amazing organ – soft, limp, and tiny. I wanted to touch and feel it. Once a woman, naked drunk woman, walked by me, her saggy breasts and wrinkled skin hanging without shame.  Is flashing harassment or exhibitionism? I am harassed by your hashtags and metoos and your social media trends. One and all. #SocialMovement #Advertisement #BreakingNews #Troll #NeedSex Even in school my other messages folder in Facebook would usually be empty. Once I lied about receiving one to ‘fit in’”.

I feel harassed in your room
at the workplace
with your eyes
with your ears
with the holes in your skin
with the moles on your body
with your public hair
with your nose
with your tongue
when you are around
when you aren’t
in your presence
in your absence

I am harassed by your penis

“I feel harassed, sexually politically, economically, culturally, cosmically. I feel harassed by my heart’s beating, the pressure of breathing in and out, the responsibility of taking a shit, piss, eating, drinking water, and having all those pills of varied colors shapes and sizes.”

Do read the poem Poem in its actual form.

Auxiliary Random Access Memory is an entity which is physically located towards the southern and eastern coast of India at the moment and has been trying to find new spaces of encryption.


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