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Photo-Essay: Trees

By Nilanjan Ray
Everything in this world is fleeting. People, events, and problems come and go. We get caught up in the small problems of our daily life. Yet, it is helpful to retain a sense of perspective. Empires have risen and fallen. New nations have emerged out of the ruins of the old. In this world, sometimes falsehood triumphs for a period of time, but every tyrant has eventually fallen. The trees remain constant, in this fleeting life.

Photo-Essay: Bench Love

By Shruthi Rao
I’ve tried to ascertain why I love benches so much. It could be, perhaps, due to its very nature and purpose. Because they call out to you. To pause. To snack. Enjoy the shade. Read a book. Take in the view. Watch the world go by. Sit in quiet contemplation. Or enjoy a conversation.

Photo-Essay: Tel Aviv Diary – I

By Mary Ann Chacko
The roads were lined with bright-colored flowering bushes including the bougainvillea, petunias, hibiscus, and varied trees such as the palm, olive, cypress bosh, and eucalyptus. I had not expected to find so much greenery in Tel Aviv. I later learnt that Tel Aviv was very systematically and painstakingly ‘greened.’

Photo-Essay: Alone in the Blue Vikram

By Ronak Singh Bhasin
You get a good view through the agarbatti smoke haze. If you wonder why they burn agarbattis, it is to mask the smell of the ganja. Maal/weed smoke has a quite distinctive smell but mixed with incense smoke, even trained noses can’t differentiate it that easily.

Trailing the Beatles in Rishikesh

By Parul Doshi
It appears that in February 1968, highly fascinated by spirituality and Indian culture, the Beatles travelled to India to attend an advanced Transcendental Meditation (TM) training session at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.