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Obitury: Sharmila Rege (1964-2013) – At the Intersection of Gender and Caste

By Sowmya Dechamma
Whether I taught Indian Literatures, Literary Criticism, or Popular Culture, I had to engage with Rege. One simplyS Rege could not overstep Sharmila Rege whether one taught social sciences or humanities. To say that she is central to feminist studies / dalit feminist theory is a gross understatement.

Obituary: Remembering Sharmila Rege (1964 – 2013)

By Deepa Sreenivas
By all accounts, Sharmila and her colleagues at the Savitribai Phule Women’s Studies Centre re-made this terrain, infusing every classroom and every text with the spirit of feminist pedagogy. This is evident from the fact that a large number of theoretical texts were translated from English to Marathi so as to make them accessible to students from the vernacular medium.