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A Daughter’s Curse

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By Saon Bhattacharya

This is no country for women!
This land doesn’t deserve its daughters,
This nation has lost its motherhood;
This desh stands rejected by its Prakriti –

It doesn’t deserve my love,
It doesn’t deserve my softness,
It doesn’t deserve my warmth,
It doesn’t deserve my womb,
Neither my empathy, my grace, nor my spirit!

I reject its touch – whether loving or lecherous;
I reject its advances – whether amorous or lustful;
I deny it any progeny, for
None will birth in my womb!

I condemn it to its mirror-image,
Its narcissism and its motherlessness –
I curse this land to eternity,
May Shanti never be yours!


Saon Bhattacharya is a poet at heart and a business editor/writer by profession. She is currently based in Delhi.

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